FOODPARTY featuring Storytelling

& the Proverbial CampFire

On Friday, December 10th, 2010, CONCRETE UTOPIA hosts an evening of food and storytelling performance around our living room campfire.

Curated by Rosie duPont


Eli Dworkin + Maia Murphy : In-N-Out

Lauren Glover : Muddy Buddies

Erin Kennedy : Home Cooking

Rosie duPont + Melanie Kress : The Physical Impossibility of Jell-O in the Mind of Someone Living, Cubist Cookies -- DEFY DIMENSIONS!!!, Eau D'Andy, Lion in Jungle, and Proverbial Marshmallows

Alvin Darby : Subsistence and Its Discontents: One Hundred Views of the Pedestrain Staple (Minus 97)

1) soft-cooked egg, seasoned potatoes, sliced onions with bacon lardons
2) root vegetable gratin
3) spinach & herb latkes

Alvin on his influence: Hiroshige was often concerned with scenes of everyday life and of nature in his work. But what was striking about it was that it often displayed rich vivid colours and were captured from unusual perspectives. That's what i want to do with this food. Take the everyday, the pedestrian, the neglected—eggs, potatoes, turnips, bacon—and turn them into something beautiful. Make it something that with seen through the right eyes, can be a feast for the tongue (retina).


Alicia Mountain : The Campfire

Lauren Glover : Spin Me At The Snack Table

Kim Kaiser : Untitled

Ryan Campbell : The Creek

Arla Berman : Owl At Home

Kathryn Hathaway : Religious Mime Specials, etc.

Greg Pucillo : Natural High

Rosie duPont : Holy Soles

Asa Merritt : Motor City

Joe Blankholm : Ether Breath

Jacob Kaplan : Untitled

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