shoestring press

Shoestring Press joined forces with CONCRETE UTOPIA in the summer of 2011. For current information on Shoestring Press, please visit their Facebook page here.

Shoestring Press started in Miami in October 2010 in our little pink house in Coconut Grove. We work to put print resources and expertise in the hands of emerging and established artists, and to open a creative space to build a common language around the practices of traditional printmaking and radical thinking. We believe that process opens horizons to new constellations of meaning. Each process has a history hovering above the way it produces imagery. Immediacy, subtlety, mediation, appropriation, speed, texture, materiality, room for accident - every choice and combination of print processes meditates in each production. We continually ask: Why should this idea be a print? What are the politics of the multiple? What can print do that no other medium can?

We also believe that print has something to offer artists from every discipline, and that working in print can expand their art in directions impossible to predict. We want you to teach us where print can take your work, and we invite you to join us on the journey.