: A Recession Art Show

Featuring Ian Trask and Caroline England

Opening Reception: Friday, February 11th 7-10pm

Curated by Melanie Kress

variant spelling of A-, before a vowel.
to; toward : aside | ashore
• in a specified state or manner : asleep | aloud
• in the process of (an activity) : a-hunting
• on : afoot
• in : nowadays
ORIGIN Old English

An-Architecture is a two-person show of the work of Ian Trask and Caroline England. Both alumni artists of past Recession Art exhibitions, the two artists are brought together at CONCRETE UTOPIA for their contrasting engagements with architecture and geometry. Through different techniques, both Trask and England engage architecture in a way that personalizes its human experience. Ian Trask's installation sculpture will appropriate discarded piles of cardboard by weaving them through the domestic space. Caroline England's painting will contemplate a geometric experience of architecture, stacked, accumulated, and abstracted from their individual and personal significance. The contrast of Trask's sculptural installation and England's geometric painting opens up a new experience of our perceived urban environment and the place of the re-imagined domestic space.

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Caroline England
Ian Trask

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