Ian Trask and Caroline England

Caroline England
Dark Wireframe, 2009. Oil on canvas
Greenhouse, 2009. Oil on canvas
Sunset Wireframe, 2009. Oil on canvas
Ian Trask
The Worm, Installation View
Recession Art Executive Director, Emma Katz
Curatorial Assistant Rosie duPont and The Worm
Caroline England
Spiral, 2010. Oil on canvas
Gumballs, 2011. Ink and Sand on Linen
Baby in the Corner, 2008. Oil on Canvas
The Worm
The artist, Caroline England in front of Pink Wireframe, 2009. Oil on linen
The Worm exists through the fireplace
Caroline England
Georgia Colors, 2010. Oil on canvas
Caroline England
Wooden Figure, 2010.  Ink on Paper
Assortment of Buildings, 2009.  Ink on Paper
Mansion, 2010. Pastel and Graphite on Paper
Duplex 1, 2009.  Ink and graphite on Paper
Duplex 2, 2009. Ink and graphite on Paper
The Worm
Recession Art Alumnus Artist Ian Trask in front of Red Wireframe, 2009 Oil on canvas
Curators Melanie Kress and Rosie duPont